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Merchandise for Coffee Lovers

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I should preface this by saying: I don't drink coffee (do iced cappuccinos count?) I'm a cold drink kinda gal, but my husband - who loves his daily coffee or two . . . or three - has inspired this graphic designer to design some coffee-print merchandise. So even though I don't care a lick for the stuff, I'm dedicating this merch lineup to my husband. (This is true love).

My favourite from the list has to be the coffee-print neck tie. Family and friends in my life knows my husband loves his coffee and I'm very tempted to get it for my husband to wear to church, but I'm just not sure he will. We'll see . . . For you other coffee lovers out there, I hope you browse the options for yourself or consider gifting to another coffee lover in your life. There are even some handy business items for coffee shop owners and managers, with many items being customizable and able to be personalized. Take a look . . .



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