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You Don't Use Wordpress? *Gasp!*

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) of today. If you need a simple translation of what a CMS is, it just means it allows your website to be setup in a way that you can edit it on your own, without knowing computer language.

I used Wordpress for years before I made the switch to Wix. Want to know more about what Wix is and why I use it? Check out my post: Oh Great . . . Not Another Designer That Uses Wix.

Why did I leave Wordpress?

I had to rely on unreliable Wordpress developers to build the beautiful sites I created for my clients. I had attention to detail that some other developers didn't and most times I wasn't happy about the corners that were being cut. If I sound snobby, I won't apologize for it. I have very smart clients and they saw the corners being cut and that reflected poorly on me.

Wordpress Admin A Bit Hard To Navigate

Along with less-than-stellar deliverables, my clients were complaining that the Wordpress admin was hard to navigate. Any custom changes (like: Can I move my image over a bit?) had to be done in code. So clients didn't have the freedom to make changes without relying upon a developer to do it.

The Nightmare of Wordpress Plugins

If you don't know what plugins are, they are essential add-on features built into the website. So let's say, you had a basic website built in Wordpress and you wanted to add an eCommerce store to your Wordpress site. The eCommerce plugin would be built in from a website developer.

Where does the nightmare come in? Plugins get updated regularly from their developers. Then, if the plugin update somehow isn't compatible to the code on your website, things start breaking. The image of your family on the About page somehow ended up cut off the corner of your screen, or the logo that was perfectly positioned at the top, is somehow sitting on top of your product for sale now.

Wordpress Isn't All Bad

I do have to say, Wordpress is a powerful blogging engine. It also has great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) components to it. I don't completely hate on the platform, it just isn't a good fit for me in the services I offer my clients. I have had more bad experience than good, which is why I just avoid it all together.

Both Wordpress and Wix (my favourite platform) allow you to create free accounts to get a feel of the system. I would recommend creating an account and trying out editing a free website theme, to see which platform would be the best fit for you.


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