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Selling Your Photos and Designs

If you are a photographer or graphic designer, you may be able to start working a side hustle that can turn into a good revenue stream - by selling your designs! "How", you may ask... well, there are a lot of options and I'm going to cover some of the major ones here.

Get your designs started on stock sites

Stock sites are websites that sell stock photos for advertising agencies, other photographers, designers, businesses, etc. to buy and use for their projects. Each stock site has an approval process, where you would upload your best work and they would approve or deny you as a Contributor. As a photographer, you can sell your photos. As a graphic designer, you can sell vector designs. Once your artwork is approved and all uploaded, people can start downloading them and you get money for each download.

I will give you a heads up that you would need a lot of photos and vector designs to make a good income from it, so it's something that you would want to consistently add to. An example of a payout for one piece of artwork could be 35¢ per download. I know it sounds measly, but lots of designs and photos, means more revenue.

Where should I sell my designs?

Here are some websites I would recommend you could start applying for to make money from your photos:

Adobe Stock A hugely popular stock image website. This one pays one of the smallest amounts out of the stock sites I have signed up for, but has a huge amount of traffic.

Getty Images Another popular stock site.

Shutterstock Another popular stock site.

Zazzle This is a print-on-demand website. You upload your photography and graphic designs on to their products (they have over 1000 you can choose from). They print the product and you get paid a royalty from each customer purchase.

(Zazzle can be quite lucrative, if you commit to this like a full time job. There is a YouTube channel that provides mentoring on being a Zazzle seller, from a mother-daughter duo who made six figures from years of working Zazzle:

I hope some of these resources help you. All of these websites I personally use myself and can vouch for the efficacy for each one. If you have any questions, post below and I would be happy to answer them.


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