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Organize Your Projects With Trello

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Gone are the days when I parked emails in my inbox. Going in to check new emails, while dozens of old ones were still sitting there, was almost as bad as having an unclean house to me.

Just like going into a grocery store to contend with a hundred brands, each trying to sell you the same product, I started on the hunt through the scores of project organizational softwares available. I landed on Trello.

What Is Trello?

Trello is an online board you can use for free. It allows you to create lists and then “cards” beneath those lists. (See the main image above). Some features they have are the ability to:

  • Add comments

  • Add and share images

  • Checklists

  • Organize your cards by colour

  • Share your cards with anyone

  • Leave comments and have a conversation on each card

  • Add due dates

  • Drag and drop your cards around, in any order

  • And more

How To Use It?

Everyone is going to use it differently, you need to find out your own organizational flow. As a Graphic Designer, I found it effective for me to just create three lists which include:

1. Projects that are in-queue are in my "To Do" list

2. Projects I require feedback or further follow-up from the client go “Waiting On

3. Projects I’ve sent to the “Print Shop” that I need to keep an eye on

Then I create a card based on each project. I also add comments on each card, so I know the status of the project or any details the customer has given me.

If you choose to, you can always share your board with your clients to have them comment on projects. Here is a snapshot of how my board looks, pretty pink background and all:

Who Is This For?

Anyone who needs to organize business or personal life . . . so, pretty much everyone. You can even use it for organizing your home renovations, chores, family outings, events, vacations, etc. I hope this helps you guys.


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