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Calligraphy Makes Design Unique

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

I'm a font geek. Fonts are so important in the design world and if you choose the wrong one, it can turn something beautiful into a cringe-worthy eye-sore. On top of that, sometimes fonts don't quite do what you want, where you want it (I want that beautiful swirl at the end, not the middle of the word!)

That's why custom calligraphy can be so awesome. Working with a real person who creates beautiful calligraphy has some benefits:

  1. Unique Touch - Other than a bookkeeper from the 1800s, who else can wield a quill pen so artfully? Calligraphy can add an elegant unique touch that a font couldn't do, especially in the wedding industry. Bring some eye candy to those wedding invitations and signage.

  2. Saves Time - Forget about sifting through a sea of fonts and then typing out everything you need. Hire a calligraphist to write out your place cards and address envelopes.

  3. Personalized Certificates and Awards - Having a calligraphist write out names and titles on a certificate or award, especially one that is being presented during an award ceremony, adds that personal touch. You never know if that certificate ends up being framed and mounted on a wall for years to come.

  4. High End - Calligraphy can give anything a high end look and adds luxury to the finished piece.

If you are interested in hiring a Calligraphist for custom personalized projects that need beautiful and elegant script writing, we recommend Scripted by Sabrina. You can check out her calligraphy listing on Etsy.



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