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A Little Something For My Egg Farmers

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Farm Fresh Egg Carton Stamp

To all the farm fresh egg farmers out there, small and large, far and wide. I'm talking to you . . . the one who battles the overwhelming stench of chicken dung, the brave at heart who faces down the moody roosters and breaks up cock fights. The farm heroes who venture into the mass of flying feathers and stinky mud, to fish out the dead rubber chickens . . . I have a little something, something to help make your egg sales just a little better this year.

I particularly love farm fresh eggs, so it was a joy for this Graphic Designer to create something that will beautify the sales of chicken farmers everywhere. Head over to my Zazzle store to see the customizable egg carton stamp you can order, along with a matching lawn sign to advertise your eggs. If a stamp doesn't work for you, I also over an option for an egg carton label here.

Need something more customized? Contact me to let me know how I can help your farm's graphic design needs.

Farm Fresh Eggs Free Range Chickens Lawn Sign



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