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A Chubby Graphic Designer Who Works Out, Shares Her Fitness Poster

Updated: Aug 7

I'm chubby and I enjoy jogging and fitness."Is that even possible", you might ask yourself? I assure you it is. One of the famous quotes, "you can't out-train a bad diet" has yet to fully penetrate this sugar-lovin' brain of mine and yet, I try my hardest to disprove the impossible.

In all seriousness, I am chubby and have struggled with yo-yo weight loss/gain for years. Working at the computer for long hours designing beautiful, girly stuff made me happy . . . and lazy. On top of that, chronic back pain became a thing for me, because my computer fingers were doing more running than my body was. I wasn't getting up and moving enough during the day, and my back was suffering for that.

I started making changes to incorporate fitness and that is when I discovered that not only was it helping to strengthen my back and alleviate the pain, but I was finding it fun . . . well, sort of. If you count it fun to have your legs turn into Jello, your body cry in pain, and the sweat stench roll off you in deplorable waves when you're done, then yes, I was having a party every week.

Although I'm still chubby, this last year I had lost over 35 lbs jogging, working out and cutting down on sweets. So I thought, what better way for a Graphic Designer to celebrate her halfway success than to design something for the people?

I created a poster with all my favourite workouts (notice burpees is not on this list) and it can be purchased as a poster or instant download over on my Zazzle platform. It comes in 7 cool colours for you to choose from - check them out below.

If you're saving up money for the next Tim Horton's drive thru and can't afford to support me on Zazzle, I get it. I love me some Tim Horton's iced cappuccino! You can get the free one here (but be forewarned, you don't get all the pretty colours to choose from).


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