Wix Website Add-Ons & Integrations

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Wix is a CMS (Content Management System) for websites. That means it allows you to login to an admin panel to access and edit your website on your own. We integrate a custom design into their system for you, which makes it's easy for you to just login and edit text and images on your own.

We use Wix for our websites because they are user-friendly and don't force you to rely on a website developer for custom changes, hacking issues and outdated plugins like Wordpress sites do.

Wix comes included with some cool built-in features that we can add and customize the look to match your website. We also add in your initial content for you. Take a look at some cool things you can do with your website . . .


You can add a blog to your site where visitors can share or comment on your posts.


Customers can schedule appointments and classes and pay online, while you manage the calendar that can be organized by staff member.


Display a calendar to inform your visitors of upcoming events.


Sell event tickets or collect RSVPs for weddings, with the ability to keep track of your guest list.


Create customized forms for people to fill out on your website and have automatically emailed to you.


Create a community on your website by allowing visitors to become members, join conversations and leave comments, upload videos and more.

Funding & Donations

Accept donations from people that want to fund your project and raise money securely online.


Let guests book rooms,suites and cottages directly from your website.

Invoice and Quotes

Your Wix website comes with a free invoicing system that allows you send invoices, collect payments online and email quotes/estimates.

Live Chat

Provide live chat customer service from your website by allowing visitors to click on a chat box and start chatting with you instantly.


Create a member-based website where visitors need to have an account to access private pages and content.


Let your fans listen, share, buy and download your music.

Photo Gallery

Showcase your photos and videos with a photo gallery.


Accept online reservations by allowing people to book their day, time and party size.

Restaurant Orders

Accept delivery and pickup orders on your website and get paid online.

Social Media Feeds

Integrate any of your social media feeds on your website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more . . .


Sell products, digital art, prints, services or downloads and track your orders with an eCommerce online store.


Stream and sell videos on your site.


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