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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I love Wix. My fandom for Wix grew after dealing with multiple disasters from Wordpress projects: Developers that were unreliable, clients that had a hard time navigating the admin panel and the ever mounting annoyance of keeping the plugins updated. If you have ever dealt with a Wordpress site, you know exactly what I mean.

That left me on the hunt for something that would work for my clients, be user-friendly and give me full control over the development without having to rely on an unreliable website developer. Then I found Wix - and Wordpress became history.

Wix Features

For those that don't know, Wix is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to update your website on your own, when you build your website within their system. The monthly payment you're paying to them, includes hosting as well and you can also reserve your domain with them, if you haven't already purchased one elsewhere.

The system also comes with a bunch of features that you can add to your website . . .

  • Blog - Add a blog to your site

  • Booking - Allow customers to schedule appointments or classes and pay online

  • Email - Setup an email account with your domain name (additional fee to Wix)

  • Events - Sell event tickets or collect RSVPs

  • Forms - Create forms that will automatically be emailed to you

  • Forum - Allow site visitors to discuss topics on your website

  • Invoicing - Ability to invoice clients and have them pay online

  • Live Chat - Provide live chat customer service to your site visitors

  • Popup - Add a popup window when visitors first enter your site

  • Reservations - Collect online reservations to your restaurant or hotel

  • Restaurants - Accept online order, table reservations and more

  • Social Media - Connect social media such as Facebook, Twitter and more

  • Store - Sell products, services or downloads with an online eCommerce store

  • Unlimited Website Pages - Create as many pages you want

  • Video - Easily add videos to your site blogs and website pages

  • . . . view more here:

We sell stylish website themes in Wix for only $55!

On a budget

Wix website themes are great for small businesses on a budget. You don't have to pay the higher prices a custom website would cost and themes are ready to go today, which means you can have your website up within hours, even minutes, depending on how much content you have.

Our Wix Website Themes

Below is a growing list of Wix website themes we have custom-designed. They are authentically made-from-scratch by our design studio, Allure Graphic Design.

Contact me if you are interested in having any of these themes setup as your website!

Baby Store Wix Theme

A whimsical online baby eCommerce store in blues, pinks and yellows. It's clean, minimal and a user-friendly layout that your site visitors will love. Great for online stores selling baby clothes, onesies, boy and girl outfits, gifts, kids and children clothes, baby toys, blankets and other products.

Blue Sky Wix Theme

Modern with flat designs and in a sky theme. It comes in a colour palette of blue and orange, with sky and cloud backgrounds. This is a great website for corporations and businesses with services such as computers, web hosting, technology, selling software or a computer product.

Cake Bakery Wix Theme

Slightly whimsical and clean in striped blues with orange and green accented colours. Great for bakeries that sell cake, cupcakes, bread and other food-related stores such as cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. It allows for taking online orders through a form as well.

Dessert Bakery Wix Theme

Watercolour accent features and textured backgrounds. Great for bakeries that sell cake, cupcakes, bread and other food-related stores such as cafes, restaurants and coffee shops.

Doggy Daycare Wix Theme

A fun, bright and whimsical colourful design for doggy daycares, dog walkers, animal stores, pet products and anything dog related!

Event Planner Wix Theme

Clean, modern and feminine and is perfect for event planners, wedding planners or anyone desiring an elegant floral theme for their website.

Fantasy Wix Theme

Beautiful and very feminine! It's an illustrative website that has beautiful, dream-like fantasy aesthetics. Great for anyone who wants a unique website and is a great for businesses geared towards princess birthday parties, software games, girl dresses, fantasy-inspired events, weddings and pretty much anything for kids.

Hair Salon Wix Theme

An elegant, dark theme that can accommodate a small online store, list of services, and showcase your products and services in a minimal and attractive way. It's geared towards beauty, makeup companies, skincare and others that desire a simplistic template. Design embellishments include dark textured backgrounds, beauty images and a minimalist outline to cut out as much as scrolling as possible.

Lipstick Shop Wix Theme

Modern and chic in black, white and pink. It's geared towards beauty, makeup companies, skincare and other others designed a simplistic eCommerce store. Design embellishments include a watercolour border along the top, a modern striped silver background and white and black clean elements throughout.

Macarons Bakery Wix Theme

Clean with a white background and is the perfect fit for bakers that sell macarons. Even if you don't sell macarons, but want this for your bakery, cafe or restaurant, this will still be a fit for you. Since the images are easy to swap out, you can use this for any business that wants a bit of the French, whimsical style that this Paris-inspired theme has.

Pink Mint Beauty Wix Theme

A beautiful, elegant beauty site in watercolour aesthetics of pink and mint green with diamonds and sparkling elements. Great for any woman who wants a really feminine website or who focuses on blogging topics such as beauty, food, recipes, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, girl talk, hair, nails and other feminine-related topics.

Pool Services Wix Theme

Great for pool companies who build, service, clean and repair swimming pools for residential and commercial customers. It is easy to edit and setup to add service pages that are user-friendly and attractive. Every page also has a subtle water animation banner.

Ready Recipes Wix Theme

Clean, modern and feminine and is great for food bloggers, foodies, chefs, homemakers and anyone else who likes puttering around in the kitchen and sharing recipes. Also great for anyone wanting a minimal website with a watercolour design elements incorporated throughout.

Serenity Spa Wix Theme

A beautiful, modern website with floral designs and a mint green and blush pink colour palette. Geared to spas, nail salons, massage therapists and other body treatment service salons.

Vintage Blossom Wedding Wix Theme

A beautiful vintage-styled website that is shabby chic for the wedding to be! It's blended with canvas textures, blossoms and flowers, lace, and soft watercolor peach and green tones, in a clean finish. It allows for you to share pictures of the groom and bride to be, your story, accept RSVPs with the online system, share your registry links and input information for your guests about your ceremony and reception.

White Photography Wix Theme

A whimsical website for photographers in gold, pink and white colours. It's a clean, minimal and user-friendly layout that your site visitors will love. Great for photographers who want to showcase their photos and online portfolio and photographers who do portraits, weddings, pregnancy, birthing and baby photos.


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